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Ciência e Engenharia de Software

Software Science and Engineering

SOFT-PT 2010



SOFT-PT is a meeting for academic and industrial researchers working on topics related to software science and engineering in a broad sense, bridging theory to practice, methods and principles, systems and tools. Starting right from its first edition in 2010, SOFT-PT also seeks to provide a privileged occasion for gathering the national software science and engineering community. We welcome original submissions in all topics related to software, with an emphasis (but not exclusively) on the following technical themes:


  • Foundations and methods of programming and of software development

  • Principles, design and implementation of programming languages

  • Models of computation and programming

  • Software development environments and tools

  • Design and implementation of modeling languages

  • Software specification

  • Program analysis and verification

  • Software validation and testing

  • Runtime support systems

  • Security, dependability and trustworthiness of software

  • Software architecture

  • Software requirements

  • Software process, development, maintenance and quality

  • Algorithms, search and optimization

  • Distributed and concurrent programming methods and techniques

  • Software intensive systems for science, engineering and society

  • Industrial case studies and experience reports


 Program Committee

Salvador Abreu, Universidade de Évora & CENTRIA

Ademar Aguiar, Universidade do Porto & INESCP

João Cachopo, Instituto Superior Técnico & INESCID

Luís Caires, Universidade Nova de Lisboa & CITI (chair)

João Pascoal Faria, Universidade do Porto & INESCP

João M Fernandes, Universidade do Minho & CCTC

Mário Florido, Universidade do Porto & LIACC

Lúcio Ferrão, OutSystems SA

Antónia Lopes, Universidade de Lisboa & LASIGE

Inês Lynce, Instituto Superior Técnico & INESCID

Paulo Marques, Universidade de Coimbra & CISUC

Paulo Mateus, Instituto Superior Técnico & IT

Ana Moreira, Universidade Nova de Lisboa & CITI

José N Oliveira, Universidade do Minho & CCTC

Fernando Silva, Universidade do Porto & CRACS

Simão Melo de Sousa, Universidade da Beira Interior & LIACC

Vasco Vasconcelos, Universidade de Lisboa & LASIGE



Submissions to SOFT-PT 2010 will be evaluated according to originality and significance, precision and correctness, presentation and clarity, and relevance. Papers must be written in Portuguese or English (preferred) and not exceed 12 pages in LNCS format (including bibliography). Papers should be submitted electronically via the web-based submission site. If you experience any problems with the submission procedure please contact the INFORUM 2010 chair, as the submission site is common to all tracks and not specific of SOFT-PT 2010. Conference proceedings will be published by Universidade do Minho in a volume with ISBN and made available on the web site. Post-conference publication of selected papers in a journal special issue is to be considered.

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