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Media Arts and Technology

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Motivation and Goals

Media Arts and Technology (MAT) research is a relatively new field of inquiry that focuses on cultural content (music, video and film, TV, radio, performing arts, etc.) and its integration with the most recent Information and Communication Technologies.

Related research areas comprise a vast number of aspects ranging from multimedia processing and analysis, new media formats, the creation, search, integration, adaptation, diffusion and presentation of cultural content, human-computer interaction, digital games and theoretical aspects of communication, learning, techno-culture and entertainment. MAT is tightly linked to a number of domains in computer science (computer graphics, sound and music computing, artificial intelligence, HCI, digital games, etc.), and its application domains range from new media industries to new developments in education, health therapies, fashion and tourism, for example.

The objectives of this thematic session are to (1) better identify current state-of-the-art in MAT research and current trends in Portugal, (2) foster networking between active MAT researchers in Portugal, and (3) contribute to strengthening the MAT research area in Portugal.

We welcome submission of contributions by researchers from academy and industry.

The session on Cultural Content Computing is supported by the Media Arts and Technologies project, NORTE-07-0124-FEDER-000061, financed by the North Portugal Regional Operational Programme (ON.2 – O Novo Norte), under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and by national funds, through the Portuguese funding agency, Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT).

Topics of interest

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Interaction with musical information
    • Music recommendation and Music Information Retrieval
    • Computational analysis of audio/music
    • Procedural musical generation
    • Interfaces for musical interaction
    • Sound design
  • Social contents and digital convergence
    • Social TV
    • Second screen interaction
    • Multi-platform distribution
    • Context-sensitive multimedia applications
    • Content adaptation and personalization
    • Multimedia content recommendation
    • Immersive experiences
    • Participative multimedia experiences
    • Multimedia applications in mobile context
    • Content creation and management
    • Social aspects in new media services
  • Digital games
    • Graphic and sonic design for digital games
    • Player experience studies
    • Artistic, social and cultural studies on digital games
    • Gamification
    • Procedural content generation for digital games
    • Interaction in digital games and user-centered design
    • Localisation-based digital games, pervasive games and augmented/mixed reality
    • Serious games and game-based learning
    • Modeling and animation
    • Digital games narratives and cross-media narratives
    • Virtual relatity, multisensoriality and immersion
  • Arts and comunication
    • Media art
    • Digital culture
    • Interfaces and interactivity
    • Digital arts

Program Committee

  • Fabien Gouyon (INESC TEC) - Coordination
  • Cristina Sá (U. Católica Portuguesa) - Coordination
  • António Coelho (FEUP) - Coordination
  • Paula Viana (ISEP/IPP and INESC TEC) - Coordination
  • Adérito Marcos (U. Aberta)
  • Artur Pimenta Alves (INESC TEC)
  • Carlos Guedes (NYUAD, UAE)
  • Carlos Vaz de Carvalho (ISEP/IPP)
  • Heitor Alvelos (FBAUP)
  • João Magalhães (FCT/UNL)
  • Leonel Morgado (U. Aberta)
  • Maria Teresa Andrade (FEUP)
  • Maximino Bessa (UTAD)
  • Migue Carvalhais (FBAUP)
  • Miguel Leitão (ISEP/IPP and INESC TEC)
  • Nelson Zagalo (U. Minho)
  • Nuno Correia (FCT/UNL)
  • Pedro Branco (U. Minho)
  • Rui Rodrigues (FEUP)
  • Teresa Chambel (FCUL)
  • Verónica Orvalho (FCUP)
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