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Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

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Motivation and Goals

The mobile and ubiquitous computing is an area with a noticeable impact on society, being notorious the increasing use of mobile devices (phones/smartphones, mobile computers, RFID, sensor networks, etc.) to execute new applications and to access information and services. In the recent past, new developments in the area of mobile computing and wireless networks have been extremely rapid. This technological evolution opens up new opportunities and challenges at various levels (eg., architectures, power management, middleware, interfaces or development of new services).

This session aims to be the meeting point for all people in Portugal, in the academic world, in industry or other institutions who are interested in presenting their work and exchanging ideas in the field of mobile and ubiquitous computing. It is strongly encouraged the participation of young researchers seeking constructive criticism and encouragement to their work.

Topics of interest

CMU INForum session welcomes work (in portuguese or english) on all topics pertaining to Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing including, but not limited to:

  • Design, implementation, and evaluation of mobile systems
  • OS and middleware for mobile and pervasive computing
  • Middleware and service architectures for mobile applications
  • Operating systems for resource-constrained mobile devices
  • System-level energy management for mobile devices
  • Cyber foraging and resource discovery for mobile services
  • Mobile and ad-hoc networking
  • Sensor networks
  • RFID applications and systems
  • Mobile applications
  • Data replication, consistency, migration and dissemination in mobile environments
  • Data access in mobile environments
  • User interfaces and usability issues for mobile applications
  • Wearable and handheld devices in the context of system design
  • Support for mobile social networking
  • Context-awareness and location based mobile systems
  • QoS and security in mobile systems
  • Participatory sensing

Programme Committee

  • Adriano Moreira, Univ. Minho
  • Ana Aguiar, Univ. do Porto
  • Ana Paula Afonso, Univ. de Lisboa
  • António Coelho, Univ. do Porto
  • Carlos Baquero, Univ. Minho
  • Dulce Domingos, Univ. Lisboa (coordinator)
  • Filipe Pacheco, CISTER/INESC-TEC, ISEP (coordinator)
  • Helena Rodrigues, Univ. Minho
  • Hugo Miranda, Univ. Lisboa
  • João Barreto, Univ. Lisboa
  • Paulo Ferreira, Univ. Lisboa
  • Rui José, Univ. Minho
  • Nuno Preguiça, Univ. Nova Lisboa
  • Ricardo Morla, Univ. do Porto
  • Sérgio Duarte, Univ. Nova Lisboa
  • Teresa Romão, Univ. Nova Lisboa
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