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The X10 Programming Language


null Vijay Saraswat, (co-) Chief Scientist, Computing as a Service
IBM TJ Watson Research Center


Abstract: The X10 programming language has been designed to support high-performance, scale-out computing, with high productivity. X10 is a statically typed, concurrent object oriented programming language organized around a few core constructs for concurrency and distribution. It is particularly well suited for multi-node programs with sophisticated patterns of concurrency and communications, as needed, e.g. in a variety of analytic applications.

This tutorial will cover the basics of the programming language and provide a guide to ongoing work in this space, including the development of application frameworks (such as Main Memory Map Reduce, M3R) and support for resiliency.

Note: Attendance is free for all participants registered at INForum 2014. However, for logistic reasons, we kindly ask all participants to indicate if they intend to attend by answering this questionnaire.
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