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Computação Gráfica

 Computer Graphics

 Description and relevance

 Computer Graphics is the area of knowledge concerned with computer interpretation, manipulation and synthesis of images, as well as with multidimensional representations of associated data and with the design of appropriate, productive and ergonomic interfaces to interact with the digital models and machines. Computer Graphics is a very active area of research and development, both within the academia and industry communities, with applications ranging from computer games, visualization of scientific and engineering data, computer vision, digital arts, lighting simulators, cultural heritage, urban modeling, among many others.


The INForum 2010 track dedicated to Computer Graphics aims to gather together people, from both academia and industry, interested in exchanging ideas, difficulties and achievements related to CG, in becoming acquainted with the latest developments in this exciting area and in presenting their own latest results. We specially encourage the active participation of PhD and Master students, which have an excellent opportunity to present their work to an audience including researchers and industrial practitioners among others.


We encourage submissions, written either in English or Portuguese, in the area of Computer Graphics, including, but not restricted to, the following topics:


  • Autonomous Agents in Virtual Environments

  • Computer Graphics Algorithms in the GPU

  • Computer Animation

  • Computer Graphics Applications

  • Architectures and Paradigms for Computer Graphics

  • Digital Arts

  • Real Time Computer Graphics

  • Computer Graphics in Education, Engineering, Entertainment and Science

  • Computer Graphics for Mobile Devices

  • Teaching Computer Graphics

  • Computational Geometry

  • Human Computer Interaction and Interfaces

  • Computer Games

  • Geometric Modeling

  • Procedural Modeling

  • Natural Phenomena Representation

  • Multimedia

  • Patterns for 3D Computer Graphics

  • Parallel Computer Graphics

  • Intelligent Virtual Characters

  • Image Processing and Computer Vision

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Simulation and Animation

  • Rendering

  • 3D Geographical Information Systems

  • 3D Reconstruction

  • Scientific Visualization




We invite the scientific community to submit either full or short papers, which will be reviewed and selected for publication by the Program Committee. Full papers have a maximum length of 12 pages, whereas short papers must have a maximum of 4 pages. Papers are submitted in PDF, using Springer Lecture Notes in computer Science format (available at http://www.springer.com/computer/lncs?SGWID=0-164-2-793341-0). Papers must be written in either Portuguese or English, but they must include the abstract in both languages. Papers will be submitted via EasyChair.


Program Committee


Luís Gonzaga Magalhães, INESC Porto, UTAD (chair)

Luís Paulo Santos, DI/UM (chair)


Abel Gomes, UBI

Adérito Marcos, CCG/UAberta

Adriano Lopes, FCT/UNL

Alberto Proença, DI/UM

Ana Paula Cláudio, FC/UL

Antão Almada, Ydreams

António Augusto Sousa, INESC Porto, FE/UP

António Coelho, FE/UP

António Ramires Fernandes, CCTC/UM

Beatriz Sousa Santos, IEETA/UA

Elisabeth Simão Carvalho, Algoritmi/UM

Fernando Nunes Ferreira, FE/UP

Fernando Birra, FCT/UNL

Francisco Morgado, ESTV/IPV

Frutuoso Silva, UBI

Gonçalo Lopes, YDreams

Hans du Buf, DEI/FCT/UAlg

Ido Iurgel, CCG/UM

João Cunha, LNEC

João Madeiras Pereira, INESC-ID, IST/UTL

João Paulo Moura, UTAD

Joaquim Jorge, IST/UTL

Joaquim Madeira, IEETA/UA

José Carlos Teixeira, IT/FCT/UC

José Creissac Campos, DI/UM

Leonel Valbom, Escola Superior Gallaecia

Luís Marcelino, ESTG/IPL

Manuel João Ferreira, DEI/UM

Manuel João Fonseca, INESC-ID, IST/UTL

Manuel Próspero dos Santos, FCT/UNL

Maria Beatriz Carmo, FC/UL

Mário Rui Gomes, IST/UTL

Maximino Bessa, INESC Porto, UTAD

Miguel Leitão, INESC Porto, ISEP

Miguel Sales Dias, Microsoft, ISCTE

Nelson Zagalo, UM

Nuno Correia, FCT/UNL

Nuno Jardim Nunes, Uma

Paulo Dias, IEETA/UA

Pedro Branco, DSI/EE/UM

Pedro Moreira, IPVC

Teresa Chambel, FC/UL

Teresa Romão, FCT/UNL

Vítor Santos, Microsoft

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