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Sistemas Inteligentes

Intelligent Systems


Focusing on a fundamental area of research in Artificial Intelligence, the track on Intelligent Systems will be, in the context of INFORUM 2009, the forum for presenting the most recent and innovative work in the area of intelligent systems. These systems can take decisions by themselves or by interacting and cooperating with humans. They have a wide range of applications, for example: healthcare, finance and emergency response, just to refer a few.


The purpose of this session is to provide an international discussion forum on the most recent and innovative scientific research and applications in the areas of intelligent systems. The unifying focus will be on the methodological aspects. Both theoretical research and more practical one should be situated in the context of existing or new methodologies. This framework is not intended to preclude any specific topic, but preference will be given to research work establishing some connection with the methodological aspects or to successful applications built upon some existing or developing methodology.


Theoretical papers should make clear the significance and relevance of the theoretical results to the Intelligent Systems community, while more practical, applied ones, should clearly relate to the state of the art and make clear their own contribution. Acceptance will take into account originality, significance and quality of contribution.




Some topics of special interest to be addressed is this session are, but not limited to:


  • Agent Architectures

  • Agent Programming Languages

  • Agent-Based Applications

  • Agent-Oriented Software Engineering

  • Algorithms

  • Ambient Intelligence

  • Automated Negotiation and Decision Making

  • Automation Systems and Control

  • Bio Informatics

  • Cognitive models, including emotions and philosophies

  • Communication: languages, semantics, protocols, and conversations

  • Cooperation, Coordination and teamwork in MAS

  • Ethical and legal issues raised by Agents and MAS

  • Multi-Agent Evolution, Adaptation and Learning

  • Multi-Agent Simulation & Modelling

  • Formal Methods for Modelling Agent-Based Systems

  • Scalability and Performance of MAS

  • Computational Intelligence

  • Social Intelligence

  • Expert Systems

  • Game and Decision Theories

  • Intelligent Control Systems

  • Intelligent Internet Systems

  • Intelligent Software Systems

  • Machine Learning

  • Neural Networks

  • Optimization

  • Parallel Computation

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Robotics and Autonomous Robots

  • Signal Processing

  • Systems Modelling

  • Web Mining

  • Industrial and Commercial Applications


Organising Committee


José Neves, DI-UM/CCTC

José Machado, DI-UM/CCTC

António Abelha, DI-UM/CCTC

Paulo Novais, DI-UM/CCTC


Program Committee


Alberto Freitas, FM-UP

António Abelha, DI-UM

Cesar Analide, DI-UM

Goreti Marreiros, ISEP-IPP

José Machado, DI-UM

José Neves, DI-UM

Luis Antunes DI-UL
Luis Moniz DI-UL

Manuel Santos, DSI-UM

Paulo Novais, DI-UM

Ricardo Oliveira, FM-UP

Ricardo Santos, ESTGF-IPP

Vitor Alves, DI-UM


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